Solving Staffing Shortages: A Fortune 100 Retailer’s Success Story with GigSmart

One of the leading national retailers in the Fortune 100 was facing a tough market, with a limited pool of qualified candidates to fill positions in their new store. To overcome the challenge, the retailer turned to GigSmart who helped fill over 300 shifts in just 10 days.

The Challenge

The retailer faced a major staffing challenge while opening a new store in a tough staffing market. Finding and hiring qualified candidates within the limited timeframe proved to be a significant hurdle for the retailer. The store needed to be fully stocked and operational by the opening day to ensure a successful launch, but staffing shortages were creating delays in the process.


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The Solution

The retailer turned to GigSmart to fill staffing gaps and get the store stocked and ready for opening day. By connecting the retailer to a pool of over 800,000 available workers, GigSmart enabled the company to quickly and easily find suitable candidates to fill over 300 shifts.

With the help of GigSmart’s innovative technology, the retailer was able to easily post job openings and identify the best candidates for each position, enabling them to focus on preparing for the store opening instead of worrying about hiring enough workers.


The Results

Thanks to GigSmart’s cutting-edge technology and intuitive platform, the retailer was able to fill over 300 shifts in just 10 days, ensuring that the store was ready to go on opening day. With the help of GigSmart, the retailer was able to quickly and efficiently solve their staffing challenges, leaving them free to focus on their business and delight their customers.

The retailer was impressed with the quality of GigSmart’s workers and the platform’s ease of use. GigSmart’s technology allowed them to quickly find and hire qualified candidates, saving them time and money. As a result of this success, the retailer plans to utilize GigSmart’s platform for future staffing needs across their 2,000+ stores nationwide.


GigSmart proved to be a valuable resource for the Fortune 100 national retailer. By utilizing the power of the platform’s cutting-edge technology, the retailer was able to quickly and efficiently find highly qualified candidates to fill their open positions.


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