GigSmart Empowers National Facility Services Provider to Efficiently Manage Large Events

The Challenge

Managing the facilities at the largest events hosted in venues across the nation is no easy feat. It poses a significant challenge for any national facility services provider, particularly during high-profile events like professional sports games. In such instances, the need for additional workers can skyrocket, requiring 30, 40, or even over 50 extra hands on deck to ensure a seamless and efficient facilities team.




Shifts Filled


Major U.S. Metro

The Solution

When faced with the daunting challenge of staffing for large events, the national facility services provider knew they needed a solution that was both reliable and efficient. That’s when they turned to GigSmart. By leveraging the power of the GigSmart platform, the facility services provider was able to build a pool of highly qualified and experienced workers that they could hire when the need arose. Through the platform’s seamless interface, the provider could quickly and easily schedule shifts, communicate with workers, and handle payments without any hassle. Thanks to the power of GigSmart, the facility services provider was able to take their staffing game to the next level and deliver exceptional service every time.


The Results

The decision to use GigSmart to create a pool of Favored Workers was a game-changer for the national facility services provider. With a strong presence in 30 locations across one major U.S. metro, the company was able to leverage the GigSmart platform to attract over 12,000 qualified and reliable workers. This allowed the company to effectively manage large events with ease and confidence, without having to resort to temporary hiring or over-staffing during quieter times. With this robust pool of talented workers at their disposal, the facility services provider was able to deliver unparalleled service to clients and cement their reputation as a go-to provider for any large-scale event staffing needs.

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