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Your GigSmart profile lets you showcase all of the unique skills you’re proud of, the services that you want to provide and the rates you want to charge. Completing your profile will help us connect you to Requesters of all industries looking for specific help or skill-sets like yours.


View your gig requests & accept only the ones you want to work

Requesters will send you gig requests and you get to choose which ones are right for you. You get to be your own boss, without all the corporate mumbo jumbo.


Get paid through the app when you're done!

You deserve to get paid within days after you complete a job, so our app makes it happen! No more waiting weeks for a check in the mail. No more paying fees to online payment services. When your job is done, you get paid 100% of what you earned.

Why You’ll Love GigSmart

We built a solution that gets you working in a job that meets your needs. Whether you're unemployed, underemployed, unsatisfied or want to volunteer, we are here to help.

  • You Have Control to Set Your Own Rates

    We put you in complete control of how much you make. Not only is it completely FREE for you to use GigSmart to find work, but we also let you set your own rates. Once you complete your gig, get paid straight through the app with no additional fees. GigSmart gives you an opportunity to make money fast and easy.

  • No More Lengthy Interviews & Job Vetting

    Completing your profile is the only step you need to take to start accessing available gigs. You won't be required to complete any phone interviews or surveys in order to be eligible to start choosing jobs. You’ll always have access to update your profile too. Enhance your profile and showcase your expertise by completing a background check, adding a new certification, or learning a new skill.

  • Unlimited Access to the Types of Gigs You Want

    Gigsmart gives you the control to decide when, how often, how much, and at what price you want to work. So whether you want to make more money, do more of what you're passionate about, or even volunteer –– now you can do it all through one app!

  • Built-in Work History & Reviews

    The days of manually updating your resume and awkwardly asking for employer recommendations are over. Our app has a built-in work history tracker and review system to help you save time. With all of your work experience and reviews easily updated within the app, you’ll have more time to spend doing what you love, instead of making changes to your resume.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the fastest, easiest way to find work and volunteer opportunities for all skills, experience levels and industries. We offer the most diverse types of work and volunteer opportunities. Here’s a look at some of the recent tasks matched through GigSmart.


"I found work on the GigSmart app in minutes."

Steven S.

-Cincinnati, OH


"The GigSmart app is so simple and easy to use."

Mike J.

-Cincinnati, OH


"GigSmart app makes it easy to set my own rates."

Cindy T.

-Cincinnati, OH

Seeing is Believing

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Q: I already have a full time job, can I use your platform to find extra work on the side?

A: Yes, GigSmart is perfect for people looking for extra work in addition to their full-time job. Just set your status to “Available” and let the jobs roll in.

Q: How much does it cost for me to use GigSmart?

A: Not a dime. We don’t take any money out of what you make so that you get 100% of your agreed upon rate.

Q: I’m looking to volunteer, can I use GigSmart to do that?

A: Yes, we have a pool of people looking for volunteer work for all kinds of causes.

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