Cosyleon Landscape Concepts (CLC) uses Gig Smart Get Workers to quickly scale their landscpaing staff as seasonality, demand, or job complexity requires it.

Javier, a former Account Manager for BrightView, one of the nation’s largest landscaping services companies, used his over twenty years of experience to start his own landscaping company in Colorado just two years ago.

The Challenge

As a Colorado-based landscaping company, there are many factors that can affect Cosyleon Landscape Concept’s (CLC) workload. Just like the weather in Colorado, client requests can increase and change many times throughout the week. Because of fluctuations in scheduling, job complexity, and job type, CLC has a difficult time hiring, retaining, and scheduling full-time employees to complete every residential landscaping request.

The Results

As a new user of GigSmart Get Workers, CLC has posted seven Gigs, sourcing over sixty temporary Workers. Candidates applied to work CLC landscaping gigs in as little as one minute, making the connection between CLC and potential landscaping Workers almost instant. In addition, CLC made a direct-hire, converting one Worker from temporary to a permanent part-time employee.

CLC found GigSmart, the perfect staffing solution from which they could easily find, review, and hire skilled workers interested in assisting with hourly landscaping jobs. When the demand for additional crew members arises, CLC uses the Get Workers app to create free gig posts to source temporary landscaping Workers they can review and hire.

“GigSmart is very user-friendly. It’s good to have all of the information about who you’re going to hire right in the app. It’s important to see what each Worker has done, their experience, and their ratings — everything I need to make a good decision about who to hire.”

Javier Cosyleon, Owner, Cosyleon Landscape Concepts

As a small, privately owned business, GigSmart gives CLC the flexibility they need to fulfill their residential landscaping jobs without overstaffing. In addition, GigSmart gives CLC a way to trial workers as they complete individual Gigs. By using GigSmart, CLC was able to turn one temporary Worker into a part-time hire.

60 sec.

seconds to first applicant


GigSmart workers sourced


permanent hire retained

“It’s impossible to find good labor. I’ve used other resources and had some success, but GigSmart makes it easy. When I do find good Workers, I use them over and over again.”

Javier Cosyleon, Owner, Cosyleon Landscape Concepts

With GigSmart Get Workers, Cosyleon Lanscaping Concepts can:


When CLC needs extra workers on short notice, they use the GigSmart Get Workers app to scale up their workforce without the unnecessary burden of adding and removing full-time workers.


Utilizing GigSmart’s Get Workers app, CLC is connected to new workers who have the exact skill set they seek, expanding their roster of qualified talent. Good workers can be invited back to work future gigs on a repeat basis.


GigSmart’s hiring platform takes the headache out of staffing. CLC can review and hire workers without the burden of sorting through applications, conducting interviews, and running payroll. Payment is effortlessly facilitated through the app, freeing up CLC to focus on what really matters: getting more landscaping jobs done.

Get Workers

Looking for an easy and affordable way to source workers for your business? Create a free Get Workers hiring account and post your first Gig to get started.