Avrav Concessions LLC DBA 7-Eleven uses Gig Smart Get Workers to quickly scale their moving staff as seasonality, demand, or job complexity requires it.

Raj Patel, a retired veteran who served for over 20 years with the US Navy, is now the proud owner of a 7-Eleven franchise in Virginia Beach. To ensure his 7-Eleven was adequately staffed to meet corporate store opening requirements, Raj turned to the GigSmart Get Workers app to quickly find and hire an hourly Sales Associate.

The Challenge

Every 7-Eleven franchisee must meet a series of corporate requirements before they are officially allowed to open their doors. One of those requirements includes training and hiring enough team members to cover a minimum number of shifts. This is especially important because all 7-Eleven locations are open 24 hours per day. Not wanting to delay his store opening any longer, Raj was eager to find qualified Sales Associates on short notice.

The Results

What initially began as a request to hire one temporary Sales Associate to meet corporate store opening requirements turned into something more. Raj was able to provide some additional training to the temporary GigSmart Worker, ultimately choosing to hire her to work in the store part-time.

Raj found GigSmart, the perfect staffing solution from which he could easily find, review, and hire skilled hourly workers who had previous convenience store experience. To quickly find qualified applicants, Raj created a Sales Associate gig posting seeking Workers who had experience working in retail and working as a cashier.

“I heard about GigSmart when I was still writing out my business plan. I needed to make sure I was fully staffed to open my store. I tried other hiring methods, but they didn’t fit my budget, so I said, ‘Let’s go with my gut. Let’s try GigSmart.’ I created a post and people started applying and their response was really fast. GigSmart helped me get the right staffing in place so I could open my store through corporate.”

Raj Patel, Franchise Owner, 7-Eleven

With his store fully staffed to meet corporate opening requirements, Raj was able to spend less time worried about staffing and more time focused on providing a great customer experience.

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GigSmart workers sourced


part-time direct hire

“The one Worker I did hire through GigSmart came in and did training for one day. She ended up working for me part-time. She is on my team because of GigSmart.”

Raj Patel, Franchise Owner, 7-Eleven

With GigSmart Get Workers, Avrav Concessions LLC DBA 7-Eleven can:


When franchise owners (like Raj) need hourly workers on short notice, they can use the GigSmart Get Workers app to scale up their workforce without the unnecessary burden of adding and removing full-time staff.


Utilizing GigSmart’s Get Workers staffing solution, franchise owners, like Raj at 7-Eleven, can instantly be connected to a qualified labor pool of skilled workers who have the exact skill sets they seek. Good workers can be invited back to work future gigs on a repeat basis, or transitioned to permanent staff.


GigSmart takes the headache out of staffing. Franchise owners can review and hire workers without the burden of sorting through paper applications, conducting in-person interviews, and running payroll. Payment is effortlessly facilitated through the Get Workers app, freeing up business owners to focus on what really matters: taking care of their customers.

Get Workers

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