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High End Construction uses Get Workers to hire temporary construction workers, daily.

Founded in 1991, High End Construction is a general construction company that engages in residential and commercial construction work.

Seeking daily workers to complete jobs that include general cleaning, pulling electrical wire, painting, and a myriad of light construction jobs, High End Construction’s owner, Robert, turned to GigSmart to find enough workers to keep up with project needs. Since the summer of 2020, the company has completed hundreds of hourly Shift Gigs at numerous construction sites in New York.

The Challenge

Frustrated with the inconsistent and expense of sites like Craigslist and Indeed, High End Construction was struggling to find quality, background-checked workers.

The Results

With GigSmart Get Workers, High End Construction quickly sourced and hired quality, vetted, and background checked hourly workers.

High End Construction completes both residential and commercial construction work throughout the greater New York City area. As requests come in, they are in need of project-based workers to complete construction tasks and maintenance to their high-quality standards.

Robert tried job boards. He tried Craigslist. Each fell short. “One of our biggest challenges was finding vetted, background checked workers on short notice. I struggled with the inability to communicate with temporary workers, the inconsistency of Craigslist, and the incompatibility and high price points of posting on job boards.”

After experiencing challenges with other staffing options, High End Construction turned to GigSmart Get Workers to locate skilled temporary workers on a regular basis. With full functionality from a mobile device, Robert finds, hires, and pays workers – all without having to leave the job site location.

“The Get Workers platform works better than other platforms and apps for getting “gig” jobs filled by people who will meet my expectations. I do not use any other platform to source temporary workers.”

Robert Wagner, Owner

Get Workers provides High End Construction with instant access to a robust, versatile, and pre-qualified labor pool. Since August of 2020, GigSmart workers have completed hundreds of shifts for High End Construction across numerous different job sites.

High End Construction plans to continue using Get Workers to fill in as-needed positions, as well as to fill long-term gigs and permanent positions. “I intend to explore transitioning a few of our successful gig workers to W-2 status this year,” said Robert. High End Construction finds ease and convenience with Get Workers, it connects him to the right talent for the job with workers who consistently meet his expectations.

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“I am very satisfied with the work completed by GigSmart workers and the excellent work to cost relationship.”

Robert, Owner

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