How it Works

Our platform is the fast and easy way to find people ready to start working today. We make selecting, communicating and managing your workers easy and efficient.

  • Search & Select

    We give you the power to find qualified, on-demand workers as fast as you need them. Our app reduces the time you spend looking for qualified help and even lets you mark your favorite on-demand employees.

  • Communicate & Negotiate

    Selecting workers used to be be a complicated and time-consuming process. GigSmart lets you message potential workers and ask questions, all within the app.

  • Track & Compensate

    From the moment a Worker accepts your gig to the minute they complete it –– our platform lets you track their location and pays them directly through the app.

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GigSmart Features & Benefits

Our platform is the fast and flexible way to find people ready to start working today. Here are some other reasons you'll love using GigSmart:


On-Demand & Scheduled Gigs


Saves You Time & Money


For Businesses, Charities & Individuals

Access to a Pool of Workers for a Fraction of the Cost

With GigSmart, you have access to a pool of talented individuals who are ready to start working today.


Workers Coming Soon

Search Within Seconds.
Working Within Minutes.


GigSmart Fee

Compared to Others' 25%-50%

Find Volunteers

Looking for volunteers? We can connect you to people with the skills you need to help your cause.


The Future of Work is Here

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