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  • Kelvin C.
    Indianapolis, IN

    Experienced professional with a wide variety of skills looking to help people in the community.

  • Pedro M.
    Indianapolis, IN

    Skilled worker hoping to gain more cross-industry experience.

  • Josh P.
    Indianapolis, IN

    I am ready for any challenge you have for me!

  • Ana B.
    Indianapolis, IN

    Looking for side-jobs to help pay the bills!

  • Candice B
    Indianapolis, IN

    Local university student looking for gig jobs.

  • Johnny C.
    Indianapolis, IN

    Multi-faceted college student seeking job experience.

  • Cassandra G.
    Indianapolis, IN

    Happy to accept side-jobs to help your company succeed.

  • Kris B.
    Indianapolis, IN

    If you need extra hands, I’m ready for any challenge!

  • Dan D.
    Indianapolis, IN

    I’ve worked since high school, and am looking to help out local companies in need of extra hands!

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