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Top Retail Staffing Solutions skills

The right retail workers are in GigSmart. Browse our sample profiles or drill into a specific customer service or retail skill set to source your next on-demand hire today.

  • Sales Associates

    Search qualified and experienced sales associate profiles to find and hire local workers who can help with your retail efforts now.

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  • Cashiers

    Professional and courteous workers with cashier and customer service skills are ready to work your next Shift Gig.

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  • Customer Service Representatives

    Hire professional customer service representatives instantly with GigSmart.

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  • Merchandisers

    Source our skills database to be connected to available merchandising experts who are ready to help with folding, inventory, and displays at your store or retail location.

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  • Seasonal Staff

    Find seasonal staff for holiday retail, maintenance, warehousing, stocking, landscaping, snow shoveling, plowing, winterizing, cleaning, and more.

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