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Jun 10, 2019

Thousands of companies every year host, sponsor, and/or conduct events across the country. Anyone who’s planned and completed one of these events knows that arranging Workers for the event is challenging and costly. Typically, a company has two options: fly a team of people out to work the event driving up airfare, hotel, and entertainment costs OR source talent locally prior to arrival to run the event.

Today, there is a better option. In 2019, GigSmart was the Title Sponsor for the GigSmart Corporate Relay at the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, OH. With GigSmart being corporately based in Denver, CO, we faced these very challenges. Passionate about our product, we used the GIGSMART Get Workers app to easily source talent and save on costs.

Prior to the event, we created a FREE job posting for Brand Ambassadors to assist during the event. Within days, we had dozens of applicants. From students to stay-at-home spouses to retirees, we had a number of applicants who had Brand Ambassador experience willing to help during the event.

One applicant, in particular, Katie, applied to our gig. Katie was friendly, engaging, and best of all, she had a sales background which really helped us maximize the limited amount of time we had to talk to each person about GigSmart! We even hired her back for the next day to work the final event with us!

Getting the help we needed was great, but meeting Katie, and learning her story and why she used GigSmart was even better. Katie is a single mom of two amazing children with disabilities. Katie spends five days a week at the hospital where her children receive treatments and therapies. Because of this, Katie isn’t able to have a traditional full-time job. She needs a flexible work option that allows her to care for her kids, while also allowing her to earn a living and be able to do the work she loves!

GigSmart had a business need and Katie had a need for flexible work arrangements. It was a win-win.

Are you ready to stop struggling with finding Workers, and start having success like we did? Download the GIGSMART Get Workers app today, and find the perfect Workers for your gig!

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