Why You Need to Start Using Alternative Labor

Jenay Sellers | Dec 09, 2019

Your employees are a crucial asset. That’s why it’s important to take the time to properly vet them, onboard them, and keep them trained in order to maximize the return they provide your business. Doing all of this sounds simple enough, but the reality is, hiring and retaining talented employees is time-consuming and expensive. Because of these reasons, alternative labor is becoming more widely used among businesses.

In this blog we’ll share some benefits and tips to help you better understand how using Gig economy Workers can benefit your business. Read on to learn more.

Access to Workers with specialized skills

Many of the most talented minds are full-time Gig economy Workers. According to an Upwork study, freelancers are 21% more likely than non-freelancers to participate in job-related training. This means Gig economy Workers are more likely to be up to date on industry trends, your competition, and new tools and technology. Because Gig Workers essentially have to sell themselves, they’re doing as much as they can to set themselves apart from other Gig Workers, which can be an added benefit when their services are rendered for your business.

In addition, you can utilize temporary labor on an hourly, per project, or contract basis. Doing so gives you more flexibility to recruit Workers with highly specialized skills—something you might not have the luxury of doing with a full-time hire. Think about the ways in which specific skills can benefit your business. You could bring in a data analyst to help you better understand your buyer’s journey, or you could hire flexible customer service associates in a variety of time zones to help you provide round-the-clock support for your customers. These are just a few examples of the ways you can leverage specialized Workers on a temporary basis to boost your business.

Don’t miss out on the largest pool of Workers

Utilizing Gig Workers can also afford you more flexibility when it comes to hiring. For example, you might require W2 employees to possess a college degree. Doing so can help you find well-educated candidates, but it can also exclude Workers who may be just as qualified or more qualified than their college-educated peers. Depending on the type of work you’re looking for, it could benefit you to think about only the qualifications that really matter as it pertains to the task at hand. Doing so will ensure you’re sourcing the largest pool of Workers for your next on-demand project.

In addition, the growing number of millennial Workers embracing the Gig economy is on the rise. A recent study predicted 42 percent of all self-employed individuals in the United States are likely to be millennials by 2020. With a new decade at our doorstep, businesses should expand beyond their traditional hiring processes to utilize a growing pool of flexible millennial talent.

Save time and money

With over 12 million employers spending upwards of $5 trillion on payroll each year and around 45 million people changing jobs in the U.S. annually, it’s no surprise that many companies are transitioning towards an agile workforce. In addition to saving on benefits, avoiding the lengthy interview process, and reducing other costs, Gig economy Workers can save companies thousands or millions of dollars each year. Many companies have also hired agile Workers to complete specific projects, rather than refocusing internal resources or reprioritizing other tasks.

Fresh eyes bring fresh ideas

An outside perspective can make all the difference for a company that’s in need of some new ideas. While full-time Workers bring knowledge of the brand to the table, freelancers bring a new set of eyes and a fresh perspective that may not have yet been considered. Knowing very little about a brand or their previous marketing or sales efforts can drastically change how someone approaches a problem. Pay attention to your temporary Workers. The questions they ask could help you better understand the mindset of your prospects and customers. In addition, it’s equally important to solicit their feedback. Try to find ways to off-board your contingent Workers so you can better understand their interactions and experience with your brand as a means to continue to improve your business. 

On-demand option for last-minute staffing needs

And of course, at its most basic form, there’s no ignoring the immediacy benefit of utilizing an on-demand workforce. Especially important for industries where demand fluctuates and Workers are scheduled by shifts, utilizing Gig Workers can help you fill last-minute gaps that would otherwise really put you in a bind. In addition, the Gig economy allows you to hire people for a matter of hours or a matter of days without the commitment of bringing them on as a W2 employee.

Full-time employees are still vital to a business’ success, but temporary or project-based Workers can help your business move the needle without breaking your budget. If you’re already convinced and are ready to start finding great Gig Workers now, the GigSmart Get Workers app is an easy way to get started. Download it now to create your first free Gig posting. You’ll be well on your way to sourcing talent across 3,000 specialized skills. 

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