Supplement Your Full-Time Movers with Temporary Workers

McKenna Janzen | Feb 26, 2020

When you own a moving business, knowing the number of Workers you may need during any given week can present a real challenge. You never want to turn away business, but when a last-minute move comes up, and you don’t have the extra staff to accommodate it, you often have no choice but to turn them away.

We’re here to tell you there’s a better way. If you’re not leveraging temporary labor to help supplement your staff as demand for your moving business fluctuates, you should be. In this blog post, we’ll dive into how you can utilize Gig Workers to help you ensure you can accept every moving request that comes your way, bringing even more revenue to your moving business.

What are Gig Workers?

First, let’s go over the basics. If you’re not aware, Gig Workers are temporary Workers you can hire for short periods. Whether you need someone to come in to complete a half-day moving job, or you know you have several upcoming moving jobs you need to be covered, you can use Gig Workers to fill open shifts. 

Of course, you never want to hire more Workers than you anticipate needing. Since you likely have a good idea of how many employees you need to have on staff to cover a typical week, you don’t want to hire additional full-time employees. Doing so only holds up additional resources in benefits and pay. Temporary Workers are there to work the jobs that come up last-minute or to properly staff larger jobs that require more hands than you’re used to.

Read this small business success story to learn how one family-owned moving business uses GigSmart Workers to supplement their moving staff when the demand for extra Workers arises.

What are the benefits of hiring last-minute movers?

Aside from the obvious cost-savings benefits you avoid by leveraging temporary movers over full-time employees, hiring last-minute Workers can actually help you bring in additional revenue to your moving business. Who doesn’t want to make more money? When a last-minute move or a larger job comes up, don’t say no! Hire on-demand, temporary Workers to ensure you can complete the job. With GigSmart, you’re in charge of setting their hourly rate, without the additional paperwork and overhead that accompanies hiring W-2 employees.

In a world where references and online reviews can make or break your business, the more you surprise and delight customers, the more future business you’ll get. As someone who has moved many times, I know firsthand that the companies that were able to accommodate my last-minute needs or get extra movers on the job to help everything stay on-schedule were the companies I recommended to my friends, family, and Yelp. Make sure to stand out from the competition by utilizing temporary movers to handle last-minute and larger moves.

How to onboard temporary movers?

Onboarding temporary movers can seem like a daunting task. When you’ve only been using full-time employees, knowing how to train temporary Workers can be challenging. While the job itself is relatively standard across companies, making sure your temporary movers understand the nuances they must follow when working your Gig is essential. Whether it’s your packing, safety, or truck-loading standards, dress and hygiene codes, or customer service specifics, you need to make sure they are aware of your expectations so they feel prepared for the job and your clients receive the experience you want them to.

For the same reasons, it’s important to make your temporary movers aware of your expectations, and it’s crucial to advise them of what the consequences will be should they not meet those expectations. Make sure you are transparent with them and aligned on what to do and what not to do to prevent confusion on the worksite. With everything clearly laid out, who knows, you might just find a temporary Worker you want to hire over and over again.

Where can I find last-minute movers?

Finding qualified last-minute movers when you need them is easy with GigSmart. Whether you’re a business that offers moving services or an individual looking for a moving company, you can find and hire skilled movers with GigSmart. 

If your needs are immediate, we can help you find movers in less than an hour, or if you have a scheduled moving date coming up, you can hire up to 30 days in advance. All of our Workers are insured at no additional cost to you, and you can even require Workers to have passed a background check prior to working your Gig. 

If you’re ready to hire temporary movers, create your first free Gig post in your Get Workers hiring account today.

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