Shift Gigs and Job Board: How to Use Both to Hire Better in 2021

GigSmart | Jan 13, 2021

GigSmart Get Workers has successfully connected a rapidly growing number of job seekers to temporary job opportunities at businesses across all industries. As Get Workers users began to convert their temporary hires to permanent employees, we added support to connect businesses with our user base of 300,000 active workers so they could promote and advertise their part-time and full-time positions.

Now, we make it easy for you to hire any type of worker, from temporary labor to part-time and full-time positions. Neither posting type is better than the other, it simply depends on your business needs and preferences. In fact, on any given day it is highly likely that your business has a need for both. So, let’s walk through the differences. 

Hire Hourly Workers with Shift Gigs

Shift Gigs are temporary, hourly Gigs seeking workers with specific skills. Shift Gigs are free to post and can be posted seeking workers ASAP or scheduled up to 30 days in advance. 

shift gig

Posting a free Shift Gig enables you to:

  • Easily connect with skilled local applicants in your area. Use your Get Workers account to post your Shift Gig, source applicants within minutes, and have a worker on-site within hours. You’ll only be charged once workers are hired and work has been completed.
  • Find insured, background checked and/or motor vehicle records checked workers. Just select the appropriate option as an add-on for your gig.
  • Hire stress-free knowing every Shift Gig worker you hire is covered by our One Hour Worker Guarantee. If someone’s not a good fit, send them home and we’ll refund you for their time. Did we mentioned they are insured too?
  • Pay the lowest fees in the industry. Starting at 15%, GigSmart can help you hire workers at a fraction of the cost of other staffing solutions.

Expensive hiring agencies might take weeks to source applicants. Instead, use your Get Workers account to connect with quality candidates same-day. 

You can sign up and post your first free Shift Gig from our Get Workers mobile apps for iOS and Android, or you can create a free hiring account. No matter how you choose to post your first free Shift Gig, GigSmart gives you the fastest and most cost effective way to source temporary workers on the market today. 

Advertise your Permanent Positions on the Job Board 

In addition to sourcing workers for hourly Shift Gigs, now you can use your Get Workers account to post Full/Part-Time Positions on the GigSmart Job Board. Doing so gives you an easy way to promote your open roles to a user base of 300,000 active job seekers. 

Posting a Full/Part-Time Position enables you to:

  • Promote your open roles to thousands of active job seekers via the GigSmart Job Board.
  • Route quality applicants to your company’s hiring website or a specified email address.  
  • Measure and track your job post performance. 
  • Boost your posts for as little as $5. Adding a boost to your post will pin it to the top of all GigSmart Job Board search results as well as send a notification to all GigSmart workers within a 75-mile radius of the posting’s address, getting you in front of more applicants, faster. 

With flexible posting plans, the GigSmart Job Board provides a cost-effective way to advertise your open full/part-time positions to thousands of active job seekers.

To advertise a job on the Job Board, sign into or set up your Get Workers hiring account and follow these steps. No matter how you choose to post your permanent positions, GigSmart gets you in front of active job seekers quickly and affordably.


If you want balance between quality, speed, and low cost, we recommend posting both Shift Gigs and Full/Part-Time Positions to ensure you’re connecting to the biggest pool of potential candidates.

Start by posting your Full/Part-Time Position. While you’re receiving applicants for your permanent position, you can post free Shift Gigs to source, hire, and manage hourly workers to fill your vacant shift immediately. 

Still not convinced? Here are the pros of utilizing both post types to supercharge your hiring practices: 

The Benefits of Posting Shift Gigs:

  • Source applicants for free. There are no contracts, so if you’re not satisfied with the applicants you receive, you can cancel your Shift Gig without paying a single penny.
  • Test-drive workers before you commit to hiring them permanently. 
  • Quickly fill open shifts — even same-day. Find temporary workers to ensure you’re not understaffed so you can focus on making the right permanent hire.

The Benefits of Posting Your Full/Part-Time Positions on the Job Board:

  • Cost-effectively advertise your open positions to 300,000 active job seekers across the US.
  • Need more applicants faster? No problem. Boost your post to highlight it on our job board while notifying every GigSmart worker within 75-miles of your post address.
  • Maintain autonomy in reviewing applications, conducting your own background checks, and scheduling interviews.
  • Track your post performance — gain valuable insight into the number of candidates who see, click into, and apply to your post, helping you determine the level of interest in your open roles.

There’s no right option. With Get Workers you can find and hire temporary labor, source workers for open permanent positions, or do both, giving you one platform to connect with local workers for any role in any industry.

To get started, sign up for your free hiring account.


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