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It’s Time to Enroll: Health Insurance for GigSmart Workers from Stride 

GigSmart | Nov 01, 2020

GigSmart Workers, this is your friendly reminder: Open Enrollment, the one time of year you can enroll in health insurance, begins today! 

Let’s face it enrolling in health insurance can be a major headache. There are so many details to consider, prices to compare, and complicated terms to learn

GigSmart has partnered with Stride, the world’s first portable benefits platform designed specifically for the independent workforce, to make this process easier. Together we’re here to help our GigSmart community of over 700,000 workers save time and money on their health, dental, vision, life, accident, and disability insurance. 

Stride provides free services that make it easier than ever to find affordable health insurance. Ready to enroll now? We’ve partnered with Stride to help GigSmart Workers save time and money on health insurance. Stride works to find you the best health insurance plan at the lowest possible price in 10 minutes or less. Get started.

1. Same Plans, Smarter Process

Stride will search through all of the health insurance plans on the government sites and recommend the best plan for you based on your needs.

Here’s the thing: finding affordable health insurance isn’t just about buying the cheapest option. If you visit a doctor often, for example, a more expensive plan can actually save you money because it pays a bigger percentage of your medical bills. 

Stride does this complicated math for you. Stride asks for relevant health information, like your regular prescriptions and family size, then instantly compares details and prices to find the plan that is most likely to save you more money. 

2. Bigger Savings

A government subsidy (a fancy way of saying financial assistance) is money the government pays towards your health insurance… and it can save you a lot of money!

Because your annual income largely determines how big of a subsidy you’ll receive, it’s very important to estimate this number correctly. This is especially true if you’re a self-employed gig worker. Stride shows you how to estimate your income for bigger savings and will check to see if you qualify for savings to make sure you’re paying the lowest possible price for your coverage.

3. Simplified Applications

Health insurance applications often require documentation that shows proof of citizenship, income, or qualifying events. This can make enrollment even trickier! Stride will walk you through exactly which paperwork and information you need to provide for a smooth enrollment and accepted application. 

4. Award-Winning Support, All Year Long

Need a little extra help? Stride has a team of licensed experts ready to answer your health insurance questions and individually guide you through the application process. These specialists are also available year-round as you use your health plan; they’ll even wait on hold with your health insurance company so you don’t have to!

5. Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance, too! 

If you’re self-employed, you’ll love that Stride helps you get all the coverage you need. Stride has the most flexible and affordable vision, dental, and life insurance options for independent workers. In fact, Stride vision options are less than $10/month and dental starts at under $30/month. 

GigSmart Worker Benefits Portal 

We encourage all GigSmart workers to visit the Worker benefits portal. From there, you can answer a few questions and Stride will recommend the best plan for your needs. The good news: all of this will only take about 10 minutes. 

On average, GigSmart Workers save $410 per month on health insurance through Stride. 

We are so happy you chose to be a part of the GigSmart community and want to ensure you have access to easy and affordable coverage for you and your loved ones.

Remember, if you don’t act by December 15, you can’t get coverage for next year unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (think you lose your job-based coverage or have a baby). 

Here’s to staying healthy!

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