How to Find Temporary Workers in Minutes with GigSmart

Jenay Sellers | Nov 25, 2019

Did you know there’s an easy way to create free Gig posts that allow you to access hundreds of on-demand Workers right from the palm of your hand? With GigSmart’s Get Workers mobile hiring app, you can supplement your hiring strategies to help you find short term labor quickly.

Great for staffing everything from catering events to finding bartenders, construction Workers, or retail staffers, to sourcing residential help, or quickly scaling your workforce to meet seasonal demands, it takes less than five minutes to create your first Gig post, meaning there’s really no reason not to try finding your next Worker with GigSmart.

Read on to learn more about the simple process for creating your first job post, called a Gig. Posting is completely free — you’ll only pay the lowest industry fee (starting at 10%) once you’ve hired a Worker and your Gig has been completed. And, once your Gig is posted, you can sit back, relax, and watch the Worker applications start rolling in.

To help you create your first Gig, you can watch the short video or read through the step-by-step instructions below.


Getting Started: Create a free Gig post in the Get Workers App.

First, you’ll need to download the GigSmart Get Workers app. Available in the App Store and Google Play store, the app is free to download. Once downloaded, create an account with your email address and password.

Tell us About your Gig – Skills, Address, and Gig Date.

From here, you’ll want to click the orange button that says, “Create Gig,” and then “Create a New Gig.”

The Get Workers app (and the way it connects you to the right Workers) is based on Skills. Every Gig should have at least one skill assigned to it to make sure you’re getting matched with the right Workers. We actually recommend using three to five skills for each Gig post as it will expand the number of Workers who match to that post, giving you access to a larger pool of qualified candidates.

You can use the Gig Categories to see recommended skills grouped by category, or you can search by typing skills directly into the search bar. With over 3,000 potential skills, we have Workers who can complete practically any task.

Once you’ve added a few matching skills, you’ll be asked to select the Gig type: hourly or volunteer. You can set the hourly rate you’ll pay the Worker who shows up to complete your Gig. GigSmart charges a percentage of the Worker’s total compensation (starting at just 15%) for connecting you to the Worker(s) who complete your Gig.

Next, you’ll be asked to enter your Gig address. This is the address where Workers should go to complete your Gig. This address is always private until you have hired Workers to complete your job.

After entering the Gig address, you’ll be asked to pick the date and time for your Gig. You have the option of hiring Workers immediately (toggle the start time to “Yes” in the “Do you need Workers to start as soon as possible?” section), or enter a date and time up to 30 days in advance to set a scheduled time for your Gig. This timer will also be used to calculate the Worker’s pay as all Gigs are completed on an hourly clock at the set hourly rate. Should you need more or less time than you entered on this screen, don’t worry, you can always adjust or modify it prior to closing out the Gig.

Tell us About your Gig – Title and Description.

Once you’ve scheduled the Gig, you’ll be asked to enter your Gig details. Here, you can name your Gig. Short but accurate titles like “Wedding Caterer”, “Lawn Mower”, “Retail Cashier”, or “Hotel Housekeeper” generally work best.

Use the Gig Description field to enter additional details to help Workers better understand your Gig. Here, you can specify things like what the Worker should bring, what they should wear, any instructions for arriving/departing, or parking information.

Lastly, you can add optional Gig photos. Again, this is meant to be a place where you can provide Workers with more information, like an image of an appropriate uniform, for example.

Tell us About your Gig – Select Optional Add-Ons.

Next, you’ll be asked to select optional Add-Ons for your Gig. These Add-Ons allow you to hire Workers who have passed background and/or motor vehicle records checks. Depending on the type of Worker you are looking for, it might be a good idea to add one or both of these Add-Ons. For example, hiring movers or delivery drivers who have passed motor vehicle records checks can help you ensure each Worker has a legal driver’s license.

Each Gig Add-On has its own incremental fees. To learn more about what is checked as part of each Add-On and the costs associated with it, click the blue “Add” button next to each Add-On. You can also learn more details by reading about Verified Gigs.

Tell us About your Gig – Post it!

The final step is choosing how you want to find Workers:

  • Post – which allows Workers who have skills matching your Gig to apply for your Gig.
  • Invite – which allows you to search for and invite specific Workers.

If you’ve added any optional Add-Ons, Post will be the only method available. Since this is likely your first time on our app, the Post option makes the most sense. Once you become more familiar with Workers, or if you have a Gig you need to hire for frequently, you can use Invite to automatically hire specific Workers.

Tap, “Post” to be taken to the Gig review screen. Here you can review all of your Gig details to make sure everything is accurate. Once you’re satisfied, tap the orange, “Post Gig” button.

Congratulations, your Gig is now open to applicants! We’ll notify you as soon as Workers start applying to work your Gig. You’ll be able to review their profiles and hire the Workers you like.

Get Help From our Staffing Support Team.

Once you’ve posted and found Workers for your Gig, it will be up to you to manage them during the actual Gig. For more details, check out this video that walks you through that process.

In addition, GigSmart also provides you with access to a dedicated Staffing Support team. This team is made up of real humans who are available to help you find Workers for your next Gig! If you need any help getting started with the app, want our Staffing Support team to help you source Workers, or have other questions, please contact us and we’ll get back to you right away.

We look forward to helping you find temporary labor on-demand.

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