How the Gig Economy Enables Workers to Get Income Growth

Jenay Sellers | Oct 12, 2021

If you are between careers, looking to pick up a few extra shifts each week, or interested in starting a side gig that lets you use your favorite skills, GigSmart’s Get Gigs app can connect you with a wide variety of potential business and residential requesters who are seeking your skill set. The Get Gigs app makes it easy to search for hourly, part-time, and full-time opportunities across a variety of industries, no matter what style of work you are interested in. Equipped with this app, you’ll be able to G.I.G. (get income growth) while working Gigs and Jobs in your area.

Work Flexible Shifts On Your Terms

Just because you’re looking for work doesn’t necessarily mean you are free for the same hours each day of the week, especially if you have family responsibilities or other needs that are not directly related to work to fulfill. Luckily, Get Gigs was created with you in mind. You can apply to, work, and get paid for hourly Shift Gigs, all from within the Get Gigs app.

To see what companies are actively hiring temporary workers in your area, sign up for a free Get Gigs account and select the browse tab within the app. From here you can use the search feature to narrow your results to a specific gig title or industry. Each Shift Gig card contains important details such as: dates, times, estimated compensation, and approximate location for each Shift. With Get Gigs you can easily discover a wide variety of companies in your area that are offering workers flexible shifts, rather than having to reach out to individual businesses to determine if they can accommodate flexible scheduling.

In addition, you can filter Shift Gig results by location, which makes it easier to find open shifts near you. Whether you have a car or take the bus or within walking distance of your home, searching by location helps you find shifts you can enjoy without worrying about the commute. Scheduling work around a bus schedule can be challenging in many areas, especially if you do not live in a major city, and this feature helps you find flexible positions at job sites that work best for you.

Find Part-Time or Full-Time Employment

Looking for something more long-term than hourly shifts? With Get Gigs you also have access to the GigSmart job board. There you can easily search for and apply to full-time, part-time, and contract positions hiring in your area. Every business that posts Shift Gigs on the Get Gigs platform is also encouraged to consider offering full-time positions to GigSmart workers, which means working a temporary shift has the potential to turn into something full-time. This model gives gig workers more options when it comes to adjusting their work schedule as needed with a business they already know and trust.

To see what part-time, full-time, and contract positions are hiring in your area, sign up for a free Get Gigs account and start browsing the GigSmart Job Board.

Get Gigs is the only app giving you an easy way to connect to all types of positions — including Residential Project Gigs — all from one convenient app.

Get Income Growth With a Side Gig

On the flip side, if you are happy with your current full-time or part-time job and are simply looking for a way to earn a little extra money each week, Get Gigs is great for that too. Picking up one, two, or ten Shift Gigs a month gives you the ability to learn new skills while getting paid. Doing so may help you change careers or explore new industries in your spare time. In addition you’ll meet new people, making more connections to expand your professional network.

Not looking to make a job change? We also know lots of workers who pick up Shift Gigs for fun. Love cutting the grass, packing boxes, or preparing items for shipping? No matter the activity you prefer doing, chances are there’s a shift out there that gives you the ability to make money doing it. Add your skills to your worker profile to utilize our skill matching technology to receive a real-time notification each time Shift Gig or Project Gig is posted in your area.

Make a Living With Get Gigs

Would you believe me if I told you the top GigSmart workers are making thousands of dollars working Shift Gigs in the Get Gigs app each month!? Although many gig workers use our platform to search for short-term, low-commitment positions, our top gig earners are making an average of $4,450 (or more) each month. That’s some serious cash! To see how much the top earner made last month, check out our GigStar awards which highlights all of the top users (and their earnings).

Additionally, it is a seamless, quick and easy process to get paid through the app. As soon as you complete a Shift Gig, the requester has up to three business days to approve your worker timesheet. Once approved, your earnings are transferred directly to your Worker Wallet where you can withdraw them. This means no more two-week payroll and no more waiting for paper checks in the mail. Get Gigs takes care of everything for you.

Join Thousands of Satisfied Workers

It’s no wonder nearly 400,000 people have signed up to use the Get Gigs app. Whether you’re in California or New York there are gigs and jobs waiting for you. To hear all of the top reasons GigSmart workers love this app, check out this testimonial video featuring real people who have completed shifts on Get Gigs. Or consider what Donell R., a GigSmart worker, said, “GigSmart was my lifeline. It gave me a chance to earn a living and put food on the table for my family when I didn’t know how I could.” GigSmart workers have used Get Gigs to make ends meet, learn new skills, or try out new career paths.

If you’re interested in boosting your income through gig work, create a free Get Gigs account to G.I.G. today!

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