5 Benefits of a Flexible Workforce: How Mobile Hiring Apps Are Changing Recruitment

Jenay Sellers | Dec 05, 2019

With staffing trends continually changing, it’s hard to know what you should and shouldn’t include in your hiring strategy. One thing we do know for sure — mobile hiring apps are changing the game. With on-demand hiring options that remove the unnecessary middleman, using a mobile staffing app can provide you with access to these five benefits that no other solution can give you.

Financial benefits of a flexible workforce

Hiring employees is an expensive process. On top of paying salaries, you also need to take into account benefits, training, and resources. According to SHRM, the average one-time cost-per-hire for a company is $4,129. When you’re fronting so much money per employee, it can be frustrating to know that most employees only have 2 hours and 48 minutes of productive device time per day! This can leave you with a large imbalance of upfront costs when compared to overall productivity, especially when onboarding and training new hires. By hiring agile Workers, who can assist you during busier times, not only will you have cost savings, but you’ll be easing the stress on your managers who will no longer need to balance extra full-time employees year-round.

As an added benefit, mobile apps take this one step further by providing a transparent solution when it comes to setting and agreeing upon Worker pay. Many mobile apps collect hourly pay rates as part of the job request making it super simple for Workers to understand exactly what they’ll be paid. By making this clear up front, you can skip the payment negotiation and spend more time reviewing applicants who are interested in working your Gig.

Access to specialized skills

Hiring highly skilled employees full-time can be EXTREMELY costly. Many of the top professionals in their field are no longer interested in full-time positions. Intuit found that 89% of freelancers have a college education or higher, and according to Wise Brand’s State of the Freelance Nation Report, 54% of freelancers have no interest in going back to a full-time job. Adding agile Workers as a supplement to your staffing strategy can significantly increase the quality of talent you have access to without blowing your budget.

If you have a special project that requires specific skills, like quickly finding a SQL expert to package up data for an end-of-year marketing campaign, start with a mobile hiring app. Many of these platforms already have thousands of Worker profiles in them, meaning you get instant access to specialized talent without the expensive hassle of creating an official job posting or the lengthy hassle of trying to communicate your requirements to a traditional staffing firm.

Larger pool of Workers to choose from

With many millennials opting for a more flexible schedule, finding great talent willing to work full-time is only getting more complicated. Millennials are the largest working generation in the U.S. workforce, and in a recent study by Josh Bersin, 43% of all younger Workers plan to leave their current full-time employers in the next two years to join the Gig economy. Companies that don’t include agile Workers into their staffing strategy could be cutting their labor pool by half.

As we previously mentioned, mobile apps provide you immediate access to qualified candidates. With the millennial population practically glued to their phones, you can rest assured you’ll be able to source more applicants for your next position. Take advantage of the large communities of millennial Workers who have a mobile first mentality and source your next candidate through a staffing app.

Staffing available on-demand

No matter how many full-time Workers you have, when employees call out last-minute, it can be a massive burden on the company. With the average turnover rate at 17.8% (and some industries as high as 300%), as found by Workest, the last thing you want to do is overwork employees by forcing them to work overtime or pick up an extra shift.

This is a real differentiator. What other hiring solution can provide you with results as instantly as a mobile staffing app? When it comes to filling last-minute shifts in a bind, a mobile app should be one of the first places you turn (or tap). Mobile apps use proximity and availability to promote your shift while sourcing you talent, oftentimes identifying you available Workers within minutes.

Ability to find Workers from anywhere

Never worry about finding the right Worker in time again. Skip the lengthy interviews and search Worker Profiles directly in the app. Need a cashier in an hour because one of yours called out sick? No big deal. Looking for five extra Workers for a large project in a couple of weeks? Piece of cake.

Mobile apps take this one step further by literally putting the power of instant hiring in the palm of your hand. Most on-demand staffing apps use technology to source available Workers in a variety of ways, whether that be proximity to your location, skill alignment, or other criteria, like ratings and reviews or years of expertise.

Moving into this new digital age can be intimidating, and many of you may think that technology won’t ever be able to do what staffing agencies and word of mouth can do. But, technology can help you do it better. Don’t let your company fall behind!

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