Happy ThanksGigging!

Rich Oakes | Nov 28, 2019

In conjunction with the Thanksgiving holiday (here we prefer to call it, “Thanksgigging”), we’d like to reflect on our past achievements, which conveniently align with the one year anniversary of our launch!

I love celebrations.  Whether it be family milestones or personal achievements, I always take time to celebrate.  We threw my first born, who is now 12 years old, one heck of bash to celebrate her first birthday.  With nearly one hundred attendees, the party had a bounce house, petting zoo, and face painters. Over the years, many would argue that I can go overboard celebrating with family and friends, but this wasn’t always the case. 

Many years ago, when I was a collegiate athlete, and early on professionally, I didn’t celebrate enough.  I’m fiercely competitive. I’m a hard charger constantly pushing to be more efficient and move faster. I believe our best day, best month, or most recent achievement is only there to set the bar for what’s next.  Although this type of pace can drive lots of success, it can also leave a team wondering, “When will be enough?”  Over the years, I’ve found that aligning to a single vision and taking time to celebrate and honor the key milestones along the way are keys to running a successful organization.

Happy Birthday to GigSmart

Last year, on November 28, 2018, the GigSmart team publicly launched two mobile staffing apps:  GigSmart Get Workers and GigSmart Get Gigs on the App Store and the Google Play Store. It was an awesome achievement.  Despite our excitement at the time, we all had thoughts of, “Will anyone download it? Will anyone use it?” And, “Will businesses pay to use it?”

One year later, I’m proud to say we’ve reached 150,000+ installs across 23 major markets in the United States. Our mobile hiring app helps hundreds of businesses in many industries source labor faster and more cost efficiently than any other staffing solution in the market.  Our initial fears have been smashed by the fact that we have a product that the market wants and needs.

It takes a group of people starting early, working late, and going the extra mile to be innovative. Despite all that hard work, it’s worth it because we’re passionate about our cause. We also make it a priority to look back and celebrate our successes. So it should come as no surprise that the last 12 months have been full of lots of hard work, early mornings, late nights, and busy weekends growing GigSmart. In the midst of building this brand, we’ve asked a lot from our team. After a full year of tremendous hard work, we are still driven to be who we started out to be: a comprehensive on-demand hiring platform. 

GigSmart is not a point solution — we don’t want to limit businesses to sourcing only one type of labor for one skill set or industry. Instead we’re building the source of truth for on-demand labor. GigSmart connects businesses to skilled workers for any situation, from your front office to the back of your restaurant, inside your warehouse, at a construction job site, and beyond. We know first-hand the challenges businesses face trying to stay fully staffed. The way hiring is currently managed is slow, expensive, and outdated. GigSmart is the modern solution.

Work hard, celebrate hard

Our talented team shows up every day to improve our apps. This year we’ve added functionality to support scheduled Gigs, in-app messaging, and hiring background checked workers. We’re passionate about helping businesses make faster and more cost-effective hires. And along the way, we make sure we take time to celebrate the milestones we surpass.

GigSmart is one year into launching a product that is the first of its kind and we couldn’t be more excited about the businesses using our app every day.  As we celebrate our one-year anniversary (conveniently aligned with the Thanksgiving holiday), all of us at GigSmart can’t help but reflect and be thankful for each other’s efforts, the support we’ve received from our families and friends, and the feedback and support we’ve received from thousands of GigSmart customers across the country. 

Happy Thanksgiving and congratulations to the entire GigSmart team for our one-year launch anniversary. Our future is bright!

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