GigSmart Gig Workers Earn 135% More Than Federal Minimum Hourly Wage

Jenay Sellers | Jan 15, 2020

GigSmart just turned one! Well, actually, our official launch anniversary was last month, but now that the New Year’s dust has settled and the holidays are behind us, we wanted to take some time to reflect on all we accomplished in 2019.

If you aren’t familiar with GigSmart, our hiring platform connects businesses looking for temporary labor with available Workers. Since our launch, we’ve helped business Requesters place thousands of Workers from coast to coast, all across the United States.

To help us look back, we decided to scour our database and uncover some of the key trends we noticed in relation to the great community of businesses and Gig Workers using our hiring apps in 2019.

GigSmart helps you find lots of temporary applicants

Need temporary Workers in a bind? Whether you had a last-minute worker cancellation or have an upcoming job that requires you to scale your workforce quickly, GigSmart’s got you covered. In fact, we helped businesses find 11 applicants (on average) for every Gig posted on our hiring platform in 2019. Creating your first Gig post costs absolutely nothing, and with our average applicant rate, you’re sure to source several temporary Workers who can fill your Gig.

GigSmart helps you hire quality Workers with exactly the Skills you need

Last year, the average Gig Worker’s pay was $17 per hour (almost double the federal minimum wage, and higher than every state’s minimum wage)! That’s an average hourly amount set by our business users themselves.

By hiring Workers as you need them, you are freed up to pay more to get top talent, while keeping your Workers happy with great hourly pay. This is one of the many reasons so many people have turned to the gig economy over traditional W2 employment.

GigSmart helps you find local, skilled Workers

In 2019, GigSmart expanded its presence from 6 U.S. markets to 23! We placed temporary Workers in major metros like New York, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, Nashville, and Chicago. In fact, there are GigSmart Workers available in all 50 states. 

In order to match Workers to Gigs, GigSmart asks businesses to select relevant Skills for each Gig. Those Skills are matched to Worker profiles, and the matching Workers are notified when new Gigs become available. In 2019, some of the top Skills utilized across our apps were Construction Laborer, Food Server, Warehouse, and Customer Service Representative.

GigSmart gets you temporary labor fast

Once you know you need temporary Workers, GigSmart gives you an easy and quick way to find them. 65% of Gigs posted on the GigSmart app had applicants in less than ten minutes. With fill rates like that, you never have to worry about a no-show or call-out again.

And if you do find yourself looking for a last minute worker, GigSmart can help you place ASAP Workers – which are Workers who are immediately available. On average, we helped businesses place ASAP Workers on-site within 48 minutes. Which means you can quickly get help at your job site with GigSmart.

Find your next temporary Worker with GigSmart

As a result of all the success our Requesters had with our Get Workers mobile app in 2019, we developed and launched a web app. Now you can easily find, hire, and manage Workers from your computer or your mobile phone. No matter where you are, GigSmart is available to help you find the on-demand Workers you need.

So, sign up for your free GigSmart hiring account today. You’ll be well on your way to sourcing temporary Workers, in 10 minutes or less – on most occasions.

And while we’d love to sit back and bask in our 2019 accomplishments, we know that 2020 is going to be an even bigger year. We have some exciting things in store, and can’t wait to keep improving our hiring platform to make it even easier for you to find the temporary Workers you need.

To all of our great 2019 Workers and Requesters, thanks for helping make GigSmart such a success in 2019!

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