From Outbound to INBOUND, a New Way to Find Workers

McKenna Janzen | Sep 09, 2019

This year, I had the privilege of going to INBOUND. INBOUND is an annual Marketing, Sales & Customer Success conference organized by the marketing automation software company HubSpot in Boston, MA. This year was my second year attending, and with over 23,000 attendees spanning individual contributors, startups, and large enterprise companies, I decided to network with those in some of the key industries GigSmart is helping.

I asked professionals from various backgrounds how they currently source workers when they need them, and I found the majority of them are already using an app or agency to fulfill their labor needs. Companies using apps wasn’t surprising to me, as we’ve become such a technology-centered society; however, I was shocked to hear that a majority of organizations were still using agencies given the high cost of sourcing workers! Naturally, I had to dig a little further to figure out why.

Anna, a Creative Director for a growth agency, said, “I hate repeatedly having to brief freelancers on the scope of work. It’s also challenging to productively and efficiently request revisions. We’ve moved towards using writers who are experts in their industry; it’s less work to project manage the delivery that way.”

This made me realize that some people are hesitant to use apps because they believe a “fool-proof” algorithm will send an unqualified candidate to complete their job. On the other hand, many apps that used to be a more cost-effective alternative to agencies have started charging almost as much. “Upwork has gotten harder to use on the fly now, though. Before you could put up a listing and search for people to invite, then invite as many as you wanted. Now, it’s invite four, and then you have to pay to invite more.” Michael, an influencer marketing professional, explained.

With so many blockers preventing you from easily finding great workers for your jobs, it’s no wonder that staffing is one of the biggest pain points for companies. From trying to find a trusted partner to help you find talent, to the massive costs induced by using them, there has to be a better way!

This is where GigSmart comes in. First off, let’s start with the cost. You can create FREE job postings on GigSmart that allow workers to apply instantly. The other day a business posted a gig that had six applicants within 10 minutes. And once you decide to hire someone? You only pay a 10% gig processing fee or a $5 flat fee based on the worker’s earnings. This is nominal compared to the 30-40% fee that other staffing apps and hiring agencies charge.

As for making sure you always find the right workers, GigSmart not only gives you access to thousands of workers with thousands of skills, but you can also view their previous work experience, references, and education, training & certifications. This ensures you get the right person for the job every time.

So what do you have to lose? Download the GigSmart Get Workers app today to start finding great workers stress-free!

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