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What is GigSmart?

GigSmart is a software development company specializing in providing on-demand staffing solutions for the growing gig economy. GigSmart’s two-sided hiring platform connects businesses who are looking for temporary labor with individuals who are looking for work. The GigSmart Get Workers hiring app allows companies to find local Workers and hire them on-demand. The GigSmart Get […]

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How much will my card be pre-authorized for?

The pre-authorization on your card will equal the number of workers you’ve hired for your gig multiplied by the hourly rate you set and the estimated duration based on gig start time and end time. For example, if you hire 2 workers at $20/hour for a 3-hour gig, you will be pre-authorized for $120.

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How long will a pre-authorization be held on my card?

Pending pre-authorizations will be removed within 2-5 business days.

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What is a Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) checked Worker?

MVR checked workers are Workers over the age of 18 who possess a valid drivers’ license and have passed a Checkr MVR check. For more information on MVR checks, please visit our Verified Gigs information page.

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What if I do not receive the SMS confirmation to complete the setup of my account?

Some cellular phone service providers have strict SMS restrictions that prevent SMS confirmation codes from being sent to your mobile phone. Please follow the instructions below to troubleshoot this issue: 1. I have not confirmed my phone number. We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with SMS verification. Please verify your phone number to see […]

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Can I re-hire the same Worker who worked for me previously?

Yes, you can choose one of two ways to publish your Gig so that you can hire a Worker you have previously worked with: Post: Workers will be able to apply and you can review and select the ones you want to hire. Invite only: You can search available Workers near you to automatically hire […]

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