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Essential Skills Needed for Temporary Warehouse Staff

GigSmart | Jan 02, 2021

The warehousing and storage industry is one of the few sectors where employment is actually higher than before the pandemic. Companies across the U.S. are rushing to hire temporary warehouse staff amid the holiday season and spikes in online sales. 

Working in a warehouse requires an array of skill sets to be successful; jobs range from packers and shippers to pickers and forklift operators. Here are the top skills a temporary warehouse worker must have in order to be successful.


It’s important to lead with professionalism. This includes arriving on time, coming prepared, and being motivated to exceed expectations. Like in any company it’s important workers maintain a positive attitude in the warehouse. It takes one bad attitude to spread negativity across the warehouse.


It is crucial for any team member in the warehouse to communicate effectively. Interpersonal communication is critical to getting the job done in a timely manner. Temporary warehouse staff should be able to deliver a clear, consistent message. Over communication across multiple channels is far better than too little. Remember a big part of being a great communicator is listening. Another part of communicating is responding. Workers should ask questions when they are unsure or something is unclear. 


Having the ability to be flexible is essential when working in a warehouse due to the fast changing environment. Staff needs to be able to perform a wide range of duties, some of which may not fall strictly under the job description. Warehouse workers may need to pivot in order to meet demand. Workers in the warehouse should be able to adapt to meet the needs of the company as well as various seasonal demands.  


Warehouse work often involves adhering to strict timelines, so workers will need to work at a suitably fast pace without compromising safety and quality. The faster you can complete the task, the faster you can move on to the next task, making the company more revenue and themself a valuable asset. 


When working in a fast paced warehouse, it is important to remember accuracy. Careless errors can be expensive to fix, hurting the company. It’s ideal for workers to take a few seconds to double check their work is accurate before completing a task. 


In a warehouse setting, the ability to work well with others is crucial. A worker should be able to cooperate and get along with other team members. Those who avoid interpersonal conflicts will be more efficient and thus more successful in their warehouse role. The ability to rely and trust their team members is essential. Many of the tasks will require Workers to collaborate with others, so they need to be able to function as part of a bigger unit. 

Physical capabilities 

Warehouse jobs usually require some level of physical activity. Whether it’s lifting heavy boxes or being on their feet for long periods of time, having stamina is huge. Workers who maintain their health will have a higher level of fitness and will be more efficient creating more value for the company. 

Where to find warehouse work

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