Do you have what it takes to become a GigStar?

McKenna Janzen | Mar 02, 2021

At GigSmart, our team has always been committed to building the best products for our users to be successful. Our users are what makes our product work. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing user base. We believe it’s important to recognize and celebrate those who work hard to complete Gigs and those who give our Get Gigs workers job opportunities. In order to give them the recognition they deserve, we are launching the GigStar Awards. Each month we’ll award the top workers and requesters with badges across multiple categories — like top worker, perfect attendance, and top earner. Once you receive a badge, you can share this honor with your network. See the full list of categories below:

GigStar Award Categories

Get Workers:

  • Top Requesters – The top requesters (all-time) who have hired and paid the most Gig workers within the given month
  • Top New Requesters – The top new Requesters who signed up for Get Workers within the given month and paid the most workers within the given month
  • Fastest to Hire – Requesters who hire a worker for one or more Gigs in one minute or less
  • Highest Gig Payout – Highest single shift Gig payout
  • Highest Hourly Pay Rate – Highest hourly pay rate for a Gig

Get Gigs:

  • Top Workers – The workers who completed the most Gigs
  • Top New Workers – The top new workers who signed up for Get Gigs within the given month and completed the most shift Gigs within the given month
  • Perfect Attendance – GigSmart workers who have worked 25 or more Gigs in the given month and have perfect attendance for all of those shifts.
  • Highest Earner – The worker who earned the most money (total earnings)
  • Highest New Earner – The top new worker who signed up for Get Gigs in the given month and has earned the most money working Gigs in the Get Gigs app within the given month

In addition we round up the top industries, top requested skills, and cities where the most Gigs were completed for the month.


It’s important to recognize the major accomplishments of our users.  Winners are announced at the beginning of the month for the previous month’s performance. Winners will receive an individual email notifying them of their award status. GigStar award winners will also be recognized in an email blast to our community and featured on our website.

When you earn an award, you also earn the right to celebrate! All GigStars will receive an email with social media badges attached. You can share your badge on your social channels to boast about your accomplishments to your networks. Don’t forget to tag @GigSmartApp when you post!

Thank you to our workers and requesters who continue to make GigSmart great. We appreciate your hard work and can’t wait to see what you achieve next!

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