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COVID-19 Staffing: We’re here to help

Jenay Sellers | Mar 31, 2020

It’s been an interesting few weeks, to say the least. The coronavirus has forced us to adapt to new ways of working. Our entire team has been fortunate enough to complete all of their tasks by working from home. Shifting an entire company from a traditional model to a remote one has been rewarding. We’ve remained productive while finding new ways to collaborate as we face these uncertain times.

Thank you essential Workers

As the economic position of our country quickly changes, we’re rapidly evolving to ensure GigSmart continues to provide the best possible staffing solutions. As a result, we aim to be a resource for the essential businesses that need us most. We understand the importance of maintaining the supply chain, and we know how crucial it is to make sure the supply chain remains fully staffed. We also greatly appreciate every brave person who is serving our essential businesses during this difficult time. Thank you to our warehouse workers, grocery store associates, truck drivers, delivery drivers, healthcare professionals, caregivers, parents, and all of the other workers who are facing coronavirus head-on. We appreciate you.

Flexible Staffing to Meet Your Needs

If you’ve been displaced by coronavirus and are looking for work, we want to help. The number of skilled Workers looking to GigSmart for available work opportunities grows every day. If you’re an essential business that needs to maintain a full staffing roster, we are here. We can source you qualified candidates from our pool of 160,000+ available Workers. Today. We’re happy to be as hands-on or as hands-off as you like. In fact, we have three staffing solutions available to meet your staffing needs:

  1. Self-Service with the GigSmart Get Workers App:
    Create free Gig posts to review, hire, and manage temporary Workers at your convenience. Our hiring app is the fastest way to source the skilled Workers you need, right when you need them.
  2. Managed Service with GigSmart:
    Relay your hiring requirements to our Staffing Support team. We’ll source you qualified Workers and get them to your job site when you need them.
  3. Direct Hire Service:
    Looking for permanent hires but don’t have time to sort through applications and conduct interviews? Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll qualify candidates for you, sending our top talent directly to you.

No matter what type of labor you’re looking for, GigSmart can help. To learn more about our Staffing Services or to start sourcing Workers for your business, contact us today.

One App to Hire Them All

As you saw above, our Get Workers hiring app puts the power of temporary staffing at your fingertips. Our hiring solution is available now online at or via native mobile apps in the App Store and Google Play Store.

In addition, we offer these great benefits to our Get Workers users:

  • Free Gig Posts: Create free Gig posts to start sourcing Workers in seconds. Review applications and choose who you want to hire in minutes, and get them to your job site within the hour.
  • Insured Workers: All Workers hired through our platform are protected by Occupational Accident Insurance, which protects you from potential liability in the event a Worker you hire is injured while working your Gig.
  • Workers with Background Checks: Hire Workers with optional Worker background and motor vehicle records (MVR) checks. You can choose whether or not you want to require one or both of these checks as a pre-requisite to working your Gig.
  • Cost-Effective Temporary Staffing: Starting at just 15%, GigSmart costs less than other staffing solutions.

We’ve recently launched some new enhancements. Now you can:

  • Manage Worker Time Cards: Beyond starting and stopping your Gig clock, you can now pause and unpause Workers as they work your Gig, giving you full control from start to finish.
  • Search for specific Workers: Repeat users can create Invite Only Gigs to search for and invite their favorite Workers.
  • Confirm Workers prior to hiring them: To reduce no-shows and cancellations, Workers will be required to reconfirm their availability prior to being hired to work your shift.

Let’s Connect

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re in charge of hiring at your organization and you need a fast, quality solution, download GigSmart to start sourcing qualified labor. If you need additional assistance or would like us to manage the hiring process for you, that’s okay too.

As the true impacts of coronavirus are still unknown, we want to help connect those looking for available work to those who are hiring. Contact us today to learn more.

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