5 reasons you should NOT use GigSmart’s Get Workers platform for hiring

Rich Oakes | Jun 17, 2020

Yes, you heard that right.

There are companies out there that should NOT use the GigSmart Get Workers platform to source permanent and temporary workers. Who are they? Maybe it’s you.

If you fall into the categories below, we sincerely wish you the best. We also applaud you because you’ve reached staffing nirvana. But, if for some reason the following themes aren’t ringing true for you, we’re here to help.


Read on to learn more about some of the top reasons businesses are not staffing with the GigSmart Get Workers platform.

1. You’ve NEVER experienced unexpected turnover or absenteeism.

Let’s face it, no matter what industry you work in or what job you’re trying to fill, almost all of us have experienced unexpected employee turnover or absenteeism. Both of these pesky problems create real operational challenges when you are trying to meet deadlines and customer service expectations. If you haven’t experienced this, the “Labor Gods” favor you, I’m jealous, and you definitely should not try to quickly find available workers using the Get Workers platform.

However, at GigSmart, we’ve found that many organizations struggle to outlive their problematic employees who no call, no show, or, even worse, don’t return to their jobs at all. We see high turnover across the many industries we serve, like restaurants, warehousing, landscaping, and more. In these challenging times, GigSmart can instantly connect you to qualified workers across a variety of skills. You can post your job in seconds, source applicants in minutes, and get someone to your job site within an hour. Take that employee turnover!


2. Your business is so financially successful, you have NO interest in saving money.

Recruiting is expensive. Job boards for permanent placement postings can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. Traditional recruiters and staffing agencies cost even more. The fact that GigSmart users can create a FREE hiring account, create FREE job postings, and pay the lowest fees in the industry only after a candidate completes their work must be a concept that is offensive to you. We apologize for our economical offering. You have the cash. Make it rain my friend, make it rain. Clearly, you do not need to try the most cost-effective solution for finding temporary workers.

In a more likely scenario; however, we know it’s important to help your business run as efficiently as possible. That’s why we’ve created a solution that doesn’t cost you anything until the work has been completed. In this instance, you really have nothing to lose from giving the GigSmart platform a try. We protect every Worker you hire with Occupational Accident Insurance and our One Hour Worker Guarantee which means you can spend less time on the bureaucracy of hiring and more time growing your business.


3. Finding Workers ASAP is NOT critical to your business.

While the rest of us scramble to fill positions as soon as we can to drive our business revenues higher, you don’t. “Steady Eddy” as they say.

Need to shut down an entire section of the restaurant due to a no-show while you’re on a 40-minute wait? Was your next shipment delayed a week due to a shortage of warehouse labor? Did your current staffing agency tell you they couldn’t place someone until 3 days from now? For us, all of these scenarios sound like a nightmare. While slow staffing solutions cost most of us money and keep us up at night, you must sleep like a baby because you just don’t care. I envy your comfort. You go “Steady Eddy.” Clearly, you are not interested in ASAP solutions to get same-day workers to your job site.

GigSmart can place workers on your job site within an hour. Based on staffing data sourced from our platform, the average time to place Workers at job sites for ASAP Shift Gigs was 48 minutes. How’s that for bringing true life to the meaning as soon as possible? If you need to quickly scale your staff to meet fluctuating demand as job requests fluctuate for your business, the Get Workers platform presents a solution.


4. All of your W2 part-time and full-time hires are perfect employees.

Most of us experience bad hires. The ones that crush the interview process. But alas, 30-60-90 days later, they’re gone. Cue the violins. What if we told you that you could test-drive candidates before officially hiring them? Since you’re batting 100 in the perfection department, you must consider this approach a waste of time. We envy your ability to always find and hire the perfect candidate. But no one lives forever. Eventually, you’re going to have to replace someone on your team.

With GigSmart, you gain instant access to the “try before you buy” approach. You can create free postings to source a variety of workers across all industries and positions. Once you choose who to hire, you can evaluate them, their qualifications and experience, attitude, and cultural fit all while they are completing real work for your organization. We’ve happily seen many a GigSmart Worker transition off of our platform and into part-time or full-time employment. It’s a win-win. Both the Worker and the hiring manager can ensure a great fit before transitioning to a  permanent placement, which leads to a longer-term, mutually beneficial working relationship.


5. You are ALWAYS fully staffed. You NEVER have any open positions.

Most of us work hard for weeks and months to fill a role. The total sum invested (in time and money) in screening and interviewing candidates can seem endless. The fact that you never experience absenteeism, turnover, increased seasonal labor needs, or fluctuating demands for your staffing is remarkable. It’s truly a phenomenon you never have any open positions.

Despite your unbelievable luck and favor within the staffing world, the rest of us need real solutions. Solutions that are fast. Solutions that are cost-effective. Solutions that allow us to source permanent and temporary workers. Because in many cases, you can use temporary workers as an alternative means to get work done while still conducting efforts to place a permanent candidate. And if you’re still reading this, perhaps one of your temporary workers becomes your permanent hire, just as we mentioned above. With GigSmart, you can get all of these benefits and more.

No other solution allows a business to so easily tap into a labor pool of over 800,000 qualified workers across industries like business services, restaurant, hospitality, construction, delivery, warehouse, and many more. 


By now, you get the idea. We hope these 5 reasons above gave you some food for thought when it comes to solving your staffing challenges. If you’re interested in reducing turnover, saving money, tapping into available labor instantly, or trialing temp hires before permanent placement, you probably should try the Get Workers platform.

Click here to give us your info so that we can help you get started with our solution right away.

Happy hiring!

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