5 Reasons to Hire Temporary Truck Drivers for Your Company

Jenay Sellers | Feb 06, 2020

The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Truck Drivers

Hiring is a challenge no matter what industry you’re in, but when you’re hiring for positions that require long hours, overnight shifts, and the potential for multiple days or weeks away from home, it can be even tougher. We’re here to give you some tips and tricks on how utilizing temporary Workers for your trucking business can help you staff up more efficiently.

Help cover full-time employees’ paid vacation

As a trucking business, one of the most significant benefits you can provide your drivers is paid vacation. With the amount they work, it’s essential to encourage a proper work/life balance to keep them happy. Doing so also can prevent excessive turnover due to burnout. 

You can hire temporary truck drivers to supplement your full-time driving staff. A win-win for both sides, your employee drivers can enjoy paid time off while temporary drivers step in to complete shipments on their behalf. 

Manage truck driver staffing based on business demand

As a trucking business, you will naturally have fluctuations in demand, depending on the time of year. While it’s vital to have full-time truck drivers on staff, it doesn’t make sense to over staff. When you take into account benefits, hiring bonuses, and other competitive perks, hiring full-time truck drivers can become quite expensive.

Consider recruiting temporary truck drivers to help during peak times. This gives you more flexibility, reduces your overhead, and affords you additional budget to use toward employee perks or future recruiting. 

Save on holiday overtime pay and benefits

While you will always need full-time employees to be the majority of your trucking workforce, paying overtime during the holidays adds up. Reward your full-time drivers with time off and hire temporary truck drivers to pick up extra shifts. You’re not required to extend “holiday pay” to them, which can help you save a significant amount of money.

Benefits including health, dental, and vision insurance, clothing and food stipends, bonuses, and more can rack up. Dispatching temporary truck drivers frees you up from the burden of offering full-time benefits and perks to every driver working on your behalf.

Attract better full-time employees by offering a flexible schedule

For many truck drivers, a flexible schedule can be the difference between them accepting or declining a position. To remain competitive, companies are offering four day work weeks, weekends off, or the guarantee to be home every day — making it more challenging to attract and retain top drivers. 

When you work in an industry that requires you to travel long distances and often be away from home for several days or even weeks, offering that flexibility is challenging. Help your full-time employees by securing a roster of temporary truck drivers who are on-call. These drivers will free up your full-time staff while keeping your workforce at capacity.

Where to find truck drivers (hint, it’s GigSmart)

If you’re wondering how to access available truck drivers quickly, we can help. Our temporary staffing solution gives you instant access to background, and motor vehicle records checked truck drivers. Create your free hiring account and post your first Gig to be connected to qualified and insured drivers who can help you transport your cargo effortlessly. Sign up for your GigSmart Get Workers hiring account today.

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