2020, A GigSmart Year in Review

McKenna Janzen | Feb 05, 2021

Across Get Gigs and Get Workers, Here’s How Staffing Evolved in 2020 

2020 was a difficult year. At this time last year, it’s doubtful anyone would have predicted the challenges the year ahead had in store. We faced a global pandemic, broke unemployment records, learned tik-tok dances, watched Tiger King, and witnessed unprecedented chaos in the toilet paper section of the grocery store. But it was also a year of change, adaptability, and understanding. 

Last year will be one to remember. At GigSmart we are fortunate enough to say it was also a year full of growth, collaboration, and hope. 

We Improved — Highlights and Enhancements made to our Staffing Platform

At GigSmart we worked hard to help our users navigate this uncertain time. We delivered countless product releases to improve both of our apps, Get Workers and Get Gigs, to deliver a path to freedom and flexibility, supplemental income, and permanent employment. 

In 2020, you asked and we answered. The timeline below highlights some of the key product updates we made across both of our apps in 2020:


A Brief Recap of the top Get Workers Enhancements

  • Get Workers Web App – January 2020
    • Now you can create Gigs, hire workers, and manage workers, all from the convenience of your favorite device, whether it’s your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • Edit Shift Gigs – March 2020
    • We added lots of functionality to give Get Workers users the ability to easily edit their Gig details without the burden of having to recreate a new Gig each time a change was desired.
  • Crisis Gigs – April 2020
    • As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we added support for Crisis Gigs. Crisis Gigs connect organizations seeking paid workers or volunteers to nearby individuals who are available to help. When a COVID-19 crisis Gig is posted, every Get Gigs user within 75-miles of the Gig address is automatically alerted.
  • Edit Worker Timesheets – June 2020
    • Forget to start a worker’s time clock or track an unpaid break? No problem. Get Workers users can easily make edits to worker start times, end times, and break times
  • Pay Without Timesheet – June 2020
    • Have a Gig that doesn’t necessarily require time tracking? That’s okay. We added the ability to pay workers without a timesheet to give you more hiring flexibility.
  • Business vs Personal Mode – November 2020
    • New modes make it easier than ever for you to separate your work and personal Gigs and payments.
  • In-App Reporting – November 2020
    • Access powerful in-app reporting to see every payment, by Gig or by transaction, so you have payment details for all of the Gigs you post while in Business Mode.
  • Full/Part-Time Positions – December 2020
    • In addition to helping you source great hourly workers, now you can affordably advertise your full-time and part-time positions on the GigSmart Job Board. Drive more applicants to all of your positions, both temporary and permanent, in Get Workers.

A Brief Recap of the top Get Gigs Enhancements

  • GigSmart Job Board – March 2020
    • Looking for more local work opportunities beyond Shift Gigs? With the addition of the Job Board you can browse part-time, full-time, and contract opportunities near you, making Get Gigs your one-stop-shop for finding work.
  • Worker Wallet and Rapid Transfer – April 2020
    • With the launch of the Get Gigs Worker Wallet came more ways to access your Gig earnings faster. Workers now can choose to transfer their funds immediately using Rapid Transfer. That’s right, same-day pay!
  • Edit Worker Timesheets – June 2020
    • Forget to start your Gig clock? Need to track an unpaid break? No problem. Let your Requester know what changes they should make to your timesheet, and they’ll have up to 48 hours after you complete your Shift Gig to make adjustments.

We Grew

We recognize the hardship the world experienced during the global pandemic. Although there were many obstacles to overcome, in 2020 we were fortunate enough to grow our team and grow our GigSmart community. We’re proud to have added 20 new employees, completed Gigs in 38 states, and surpassed over 500,000 app downloads.

Check out some of the amazing things we accomplished in 2020:


We Evolved

We also used 2020 as a year to differentiate our platform from other gig economy staffing solutions. With the launch of our job board and Full/Part-Time Position Posts, now anyone looking for work opportunities can browse and apply to temporary Shift Gigs and permanent jobs hiring near them. By adding more ways to help our user base of 300,000 active job seekers, we’re expanding beyond gig opportunities to truly give Get Gigs users support throughout their entire hiring lifecycle.

As COVID-19 has played its own part in this journey, we know not every worker is the same. For those who like to supplement their income by picking up hourly Gigs, they can find and apply to Shift Gigs hiring in their area. For those who are looking for more permanent opportunities, they can use our job board to see what’s hiring near them; or, they can also work Shift Gigs as a means to connect to new employers who will convert them to W2 employees. To learn more about one worker who used Get Gigs to do just that, check out John’s story (as covered in New York WPIX-11 news):

WPIX-11 GigSmart Interview

As someone who is looking for work, you can now use Get Gigs to build financial security or on your path back to permanent employment. Whether you are unemployed due to COVID shutdowns, need quick financial help or flexibility, or are re-entering the workforce, Get Gigs connects you with all types of work opportunities, from residential gig requests to part-time and full-time jobs. Which has always been the heart of everything we do at GigSmart. It’s our mission to help those who are looking for work, find it.

2021 is Full of Possibilities 

Despite the many obstacles of 2020 – social distancing orders, adapting to remote work, and learning to be more flexible – GigSmart remains committed to our users. Whether you’re in a role where you’re faced with the challenges of staffing a business, looking to hire someone to help around your house, or a worker looking for your next work opportunity, we are here to help. Here’s to looking ahead at 2021. Together we can make a difference. 

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