How GigSmart is Navigating COVID-19

Our first priority is the health and safety of our staff which is why we have taken precautionary measures, like working remotely, to protect our employees. At present, we do not have a set date to return to the office. We are staying up to date with current events, local mandates, and guidelines to help us determine the best plan for our team.


  • Be Positive: No matter what, we always demonstrate positivity. We continue to encourage and recognize the hard work being done as we forge ahead as a company.
  • Work Hard: The work is challenging, but it is what makes our team unique. Every individual gives 110% each day. Even remotely, we continue to feed of each other’s energy.
  • Innovate: At GigSmart we do not idle — we are always thinking “what’s next?” The pandemic didn’t stop our growth, in fact, it fueled our ideas to make GigSmart even better. We continue to think, discover, and listen to feedback from other team members and our users to continuously improve.
  • Have Passion: At GigSmart, our passion unites us as a team. We possess passion for the work we do and the goals we are trying to achieve. Now more than ever, we hold on to the passion that drives our company. We believe our platform is THE staffing solution for any job, in any industry, at any given moment in time.
  • Exceed Expectations: As GigSmart employees, we’re expected to go above and beyond. We commit as a team to always go the extra mile. That mentality persists remotely and keeps us advancing our company’s success
  • Collaborate: We continue to work together. From daily standups to bi-weekly company meetings, we use industry leading tools like Slack and Zoom to stay connected. Our bi-weekly Zoom trivia meetups give us a fun way to connect with each other remotely.
  • Continue to Learn: We are all continuously learning, especially when navigating the changes that come with working remotely during this unprecedented time. We share our voices, ask tough questions and hold each other accountable in order to ensure we’re growing together.

When it’s Time, We are Ready

In preparation for a safe return to the office we have rearranged our space to adhere to social distancing guidelines. The office is armed with a temperature station. We have disinfecting wipes, disposable gloves and masks, and automatic hand sanitizer dispensers. We have spaced each of our work stations and enforced guidelines for our shared spaces, like our kitchen and conference rooms. When it is safe for individuals and teams to return to the office, it’s our priority to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable.

What to Expect in the Meantime

We will continue to adapt our hiring and onboarding process to each individual role. While COVID-19 has definitely impacted our traditional onboarding processes, we are excited to continue to grow our team to continue to grow GigSmart!