Search and Select People with the Skills you Need

GigSmart connects you to individuals ready to work now or when you need them. Browse their skills, work experience, and previous job reviews to select the best fit for the task you need done. You’ll love how easy we’ve made it to streamline your on-demand hiring and business needs.


Communicate Directly Through the App

GigSmart eliminates the need for lengthy interviews, job vetting and payment negotiations. It’s extremely easy to message each candidate, and confirm their work terms.


Track from Start to Finish & Pay Conveniently Through the App

GPS tracking provides peace of mind knowing they’re arriving as soon as possible and staying on track to complete the task. Once you've approved their work is completed, they get paid directly through the app.

Why Businesses Choose GigSmart

There are plenty of hiring methods out there. But we went the extra mile to build a solution that solves all of your needs.

  • On-Demand & Scheduled

    GigSmart gives you the tools to combat pop-up absenteeism and high turnover rates. Our app helps you build a team of on-demand employees and reduces the time you spend looking for qualified talent, so you can stop hunting for the right people and start hiring them today.

  • The Lowest Cost Option

    We truly want to help you find workers fast. Posting a job is completely free, with a low 5% fee per gig hire. No fine print. No hidden agendas. No fuss.

  • All Business Types, Sizes and Industries

    Whether you run a small businesses, manage a large department of a corporation or work for a non-profit, our app is for you. We welcome any business type, size and industry, and you won’t find any limitations to the types of jobs you can fill.

  • Simple and Easy to Use App

    GigSmart streamlined the process of finding help within driving distance. Our app is so easy to use and navigate, you will be reviewing qualified workers in seconds and they will be on their way in minutes.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the fastest, easiest way to find help and volunteers for all skills, experience levels and industries. We offer the most diverse user base of workers AND businesses. Here’s a look at how GigSmart is already providing solutions:


"I found work on the GigSmart app in minutes."

Steven S.

-Cincinnati, OH


"The GigSmart app is so simple and easy to use."

Mike J.

-Cincinnati, OH


"GigSmart app makes it easy to set my own rates."

Cindy T.

-Cincinnati, OH

Seeing is Believing

Coming Soon!


Q: Am I required to provide employees I hire with benefits like health care?

A: No. All workers on GigSmart are 1099 contractors which means you are not responsible for any benefits or taxes.

Q: Will all my information and payments be secure?

A: Yes, we make sure that our platform is secure and safeguard your information.

Q: I’m looking for volunteers for my non-profit, can I use GigSmart to do that?

A: Yes, we have a pool of people interested in volunteering their skills and services.

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